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An organic farming between the Andes and the Amazon


Our stevia is grown in the Yungas in Bolivia, between 1500 and 2000 m of altitud . Its semi-tropical climate is ideal for the stevia with a medium humidity and constant sunshine.

The small village of Caranavi focuses the majority of producers with whom we work. No chemical fertilizer is used there and harvesting is done every two months, allowing them to receive money throughout the year unlike other crops such as oranges or bananas more seasonal.

The leaves are then picked and sun dried for 5 days (8 days during the rainy season).


dry leaves of stevia before cristalisation.

Dry leaves of stevia before

his crystallization


A natural process of extraction

Maceration and filtration stevia process
Crystallisazion process - Maceration andfiltration

The crystallization is to extract the sweet components of the plant called Stevioside. Stevia naturally has a licorice aftertaste and bitterness, which means that it is rarely used as a sweetener in its raw form.

Our crystallization process uses only purified water and no cases of ethanol or methanol. It need 17kg of dry stevia leaves with water crystallization and filtration to make 1 kg of stevia extract with our process , it allows us to have a high quality stevia without chemical residues.

Our stevia is soaked in pure water for 48 hours and is then filtered through charcoal filters and ceramic, giving a "milky" liquid.Ce liquid is then dried, revealing stevia powder crystallized.
Between maceration and the final product, it takes about 5 days.

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