Organic and naturals stevia products


Stevia for professionals: baker and food artisans

You are a professional in the food and want to offer products with low-calorie and naturally sweetened?


Try our pro stevia, stevia a bio at the best price / quality without bitterness to sweetness than 200 times that of white sugar and no calories..


Pastry Artisan ? Stevia is stable up to 198 ° C and can therefore be used in most baked goods as a natural sweetener..


Profesional in food products ? Unleash your imagination with our products specially designed for you.. 


We offer 3 types of Stevia :


  • Our recipe sucrevia with thaumatin, a natural additive to mask the bitterness of stevia natural. For a natural taste of stevia without bitterness..
  • Our recipe sucrevia with sucralose sweetener without calories from sugar to taste closer to sugar..
  • Our stevia 60% REB A, stevia for a pure, natural and with al little bit bitterness at the best price / quality.


For larger quantities or if you want to distribute our products, please ask for our catalog 2012 pro via our  contact form.  

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