Organic and naturals stevia products


Ximena and Arnaud are  a french bolivian couple who's living in La Paz - Bolivia .
Ximena is a journalist as formation but work more as photograph and touristic guide,
Arnaud is a system engineer, he funded a web company with bolivian people.
In the hazard of a traval as backpacker, we met us and we are married since 5 years now.
And Zoe, a french/bolivan has born the last year .....
Ximena's mother is diabetic and use the stevia since 15 years now. Ximena use it too but it's more as diet.
We had the idea to propose this product online because we thinks that this product still not well know and have many qualities.
Our wish is to share our disocvery and give you the most satisfactory service.
Sucrevia has born in 2009 on this idea, selling bolivan stevia as distributor.
In 2011 we decide to launch our brand in cooperation with one of the producer to improve the quality and control.
Ximena, Arnaud & Zoe
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