Organic and naturals stevia products

Stevia Comparative

Why this comparison ?

We want to restore some truth about the various stevia products on the market, because there are stevia and "stevia".

The major brands of stevia sold in supermarkets have and continue to play a significant role in% stevia, since the European directive authorizes the extract of stevia as a food additive if it consists of at least 95% steviol glycoside. But this stevia extract with 95% steviol glycoside can be mixed with anything, which does not deprive the brands sold in supermarkets.

We have taken as an example the powdered products of the main brands sold in supermarkets with the information that we were able to glean or estimate (for example the origin of the extract of stevia, it is necessary to know that 80% of the extracts of stevia comes from the China). 


% of Steviol glycoside minimum >30% 1,35% (REB A)  1,30% (REB A)  1,30% (REB A)
Load Agents / Additives Added Glycosides of steviol, maltodextrin, thaumatin or sucralose Glycosides of steviol, erythritol, natural flavors Glycosides of steviol, erythritol, cellulose powder, natural flavors Maltodextrin, natural flavors.
Powder sweetener versus sugar between 150 & 200X   10X 10X 3X
Estimated price of stevia extract 400€/kg 950€/kg 950€/kg 1500€/kg
Origin of extracted stevia Bolivia Unknown ( China ?) Unknown ( China?) Unknown( China ?)


In summary

  Let us be honest, a stevia completely pure and without bitterness does not exist (or is not natural), we can lower / hide this bitterness by mixing it with other products but sell stevia products with less 2%. ......

We are for an artisanal stevia, natural and ethical, produced in region of origin, extracted without chemicals and respecting the nature and its peasants producers.





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