Organic and naturals stevia products

A Natural Stevia ?


What it means ?

The word "organic", partly recovered by marketing agencies is not  enough satisfactory to qualify that we sell.

That's why we prefer to call it Natural Stevia as one speaks of natural wine. A natural wine is a wine that, in addition to the grapes grown organically does not use chemicals in its winemaking.

It is the same for Stevia, although the leaves can be grown without chemical fertilizers, most producers use of ethanol (Paraguay) or methanol (China) to extract the sweetened components of the plant . It still  "Organic" but no more so natural (ethanol or methanol leave traces in the stevia crystallized, even tiny).


Filters Bleached filters  

All the stevia products we sell on this site use natural stevia, stevia that is a crystallized with purified water and bleached by a process of ceramic and carbon filter (see the article on the manufacture of our products). The only difference between our brand Sucrevia and other products  is that our brand is refiltered to increase the rate of rebaudioside A and a  full tracking of the manufacturing process.


Its manufacture

Ximena showing dried leaves of Stevia

Ximena showing the stevia dry leaves

before processing

  It need
  • 8kg de dry stevia leaves to extract 1kg of crystallized stevia with ethanol/methanol
  • 17kg of dry stevia leaves  to extract 1 kg of crystallized  stevia  with our process (purified water and filtration).

The production cost is more important but provides a stevia crystallized  without chemicals trace.


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