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The stevia market

The stevia market Products based on stevia extracts have been authorized since 2010 in France and 2011 in Europe. It should be noted that only stevia extract products are permitted for food, since the consumption of dried leaves is not, whereas it has many other benefits (iron, calcium, trace elements, natural bactericidal).



World production is currently about 6000000T of dried stevia per year of which 80% of the production comes from China. Currently stevia is grown in Asia, South America and Africa. Paraguay now accounts for only a small percentage of the production of the plant, although stevia originates from it. Another problem is the generation of stevia seeds / plants with high levels of stevioside with patents at the hands of the big international companies against the originary plant called "Criolla" with free seeds sincegenerations.


Extraction and Distribution :

The first producers of stevioside and rebaudioside A, the two sweeteners of stevia are on the one hand Coca-Cola / Cargill with Truvia and PepsiCo / Pure Circle, a subsidiary of Merisant (which has long been Monsanto's) with PureVia. In Europe, stevia has conquered from 2010 to 2013, more than one third of the table sweetener market, dominated by Merisant (Canderel, Pure Via ...). This volume grows rapidly with the arrival of stevia soft drinks such as Schweppes Zero by Orangina Schweppes, Pepsi Next with 30% less sugar than the "classic", without artificial sweetener, stevia based or Coca Cola life.


And us ?

Sucrevia started marketing its stevia in 2009, our goal was to discover this product from South America in France and Europe. We remain a dwarf in this big market, but we want to remain faithful to our values ​​such as fair trade, natural and quality stevia at the best price and local and craft production. We thank our customers for their loyalty and plan to expand our product range for 2017 soon.


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