Organic and naturals stevia products


Well, it's over

We decided to stop our adventure around stevia in 2020.

We have tried for 10 years to provide quality, natural stevia at competitive prices. Made in Bolivia, at almost 4000 meters above sea level, it is the fruit of meetings and friendships woven during our 15 years in Bolivia.

We liquidate our stock before final closure with a minimum reduction of 20%.

For more transparency, we indicate on each product sheet the number still available in stock as well as the sales deadline.

Coronavirus precautions

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, knowing that some of our customers are diabetic and therefore more prone to complications, the following actions were implemented during the preparation of orders:
  • - Frequent hand washing and wearing a mask.
  • - Passage of a hydroalcoholic solution on the products before packaging.
Due to the various restrictive measures taken in Europe, delivery and reception times may increase.
The post informs us that shipments to Italy are currently blocked. However, we keep any paid orders in stock.

Les tissu aguayo sont de retour !!!

Nos tissus aguayo sous forme de pochettes ou set de table sont de retour avec les coffrets Sucrevia. Pour ceux qui ne les ont pas reçus lors de précédentes commande, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter afin de vous les envoyer. [...]

The stevia market

The stevia market Products based on stevia extracts have been authorized since 2010 in France and 2011 in Europe. It should be noted that only stevia extract products are permitted for food, since the consumption of dried leaves is not, whereas it has many other benefits (iron, calcium, trace elements, natural bactericidal). [...]

Stevia packs and stevia offers

If you want to test or buy our stevia products at a lower price, check out our our offers and stevia boxes with a discount of a minimum of 20% in relation to the individual price.[...]

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