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Les tissu aguayo sont de retour !!!

Nos tissus aguayo sous forme de pochettes ou set de table sont de retour avec les coffrets Sucrevia. Pour ceux qui ne les ont pas reçus lors de précédentes commande, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter afin de vous les envoyer. [...]

New stock around 1st of May

The Bolivian customs has made us suffer to send this new stock, but the stock will finally be sent at the beginning of the week and will be available around May 1st . So from May 1st you can order the products currently unavailable. Take advantage now of our liquidation of stock until April 30th. We apologize for these repeated delays and thank you for your trust. Addendum on 01/05/2018: Our stock is currently in customs clearance area, you can order now. Orders will be sent the week of May 7th [...]

The stevia market

The stevia market Products based on stevia extracts have been authorized since 2010 in France and 2011 in Europe. It should be noted that only stevia extract products are permitted for food, since the consumption of dried leaves is not, whereas it has many other benefits (iron, calcium, trace elements, natural bactericidal). [...]

Stevia packs and stevia offers

If you want to test or buy our stevia products at a lower price, check out our our offers and stevia boxes with a discount of a minimum of 20% in relation to the individual price.[...]

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